Patrik Johansson

Patrik Johansson

Professor- Chalmers University

Göteborg - Sweden

Prof. Patrik Johansson runs several activities within the general area of Energy Related Materials.

He currently has a sub-grouping of ca 10 students and postdocs and takes parts in several national and international projects, especially for Li-ion and next generation batteries: Na-ion, Li-sulphur, Li-air, etc. Several of the projects involve Swedish and European industry, and he is also the leader of the Theory Open Platform (TOP) of A-ERI - Europe's largest industry-academia network within the field of modern batteries.

His main interest is to combine the development and understanding of new materials at an atomic scale,
often via ab initio computational methods and spectroscopy (IR, Raman) with the practical performance obtainable at macro-scale. He has published >100 scientific papers and enjoys the active support from several of Chalmers AoA: Materials, Energy, and Transport. He is also the Director of the Applied Physics Masters Programme and Vice Head of Division for Condensed Matter Physics.

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