Class #18 2022-2024 (34 students)

MESC18 - Semester 3




The students from Class# 18 have been divided in three equal groups for semester 3 : one going to Bilbao at the Universidad del País Vasco, one in Ljubljana at the University of Ljubljana and one to Amiens at the Université de Picardie Jules Verne. 

MESC+ Semester 2 Toulouse


Class 18 students with their Professor Mr. Sutra after their exams of semester 2, May 2023.

MESC18 Christmas Photo

Students from Class 18 celebrating Christmas together in Warsaw before the holiday break.



Welcome Students from Class 18 !

On Wednesday 14th of September, 2022 we welcomed the students from Class 18 for their Integration Week in Amiens. 


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Class #18

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