Jamila Tamimy

Administrative coordinator

Amiens - France


I worked during 2 years, in 2007 and 2008, as a policy officer in the Higher Education and Research Department of the former Conseil Régional de Picardie, to develop the international student mobility.

Then, I joined the international office of the UPJV Amiens in 2009 to work exclusively on the administrative coordination of the former MESC Erasmus Mundus Master Course. In 2015, I became a permanent staff of the UPJV and since then, my missions have evolved. Now, within the international office, I am responsible for the unit in charge of the EU project management and my role is to work with the Professors on the creation of international training programmes and building of EU proposals.

In this context:

- I am the Administrative Coordinator of the MESC+ Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degree. This course involves many stakeholders (EACEA, universities, research centres, students, national authorities, etc.) and my main role is to act as an interface between all these actors, so as to facilitate the implementation of the programme, and the organization of the students' training and mobility.

- I have contributed to the building and I am part of the Administrative team of the DESTINY PhD programme (H2020 MSCA) which is linked to this MESC+ Master programme.

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