Ion Agirre-Arisketa


Bilbao - Spain

Tel: +34 94 601 3986

Ion Agirre-Arisketa holds a PhD in Chemical Engineering from 2011. He is member of SUPREN Research Group (Sustainable Process Engineering) of the Chemical and Environmental Engineering Department of the Engineering Faculty of Bilbao since 2004, when he started with his Master Thesis.

The added value of this laboratory is synthesis, characterization and testing of catalytic materials, thermal energy storage and prototyping as well as other activities such as, physicochemical characterization of fuels and urban or industrial wastes to design their valorization, the development of thermochemical processes to valorize and recycle organic wastes through pyrolysis or gasification, the development of hydrometallurgical processes to valorize and recycle industrial wastes or the preparation, characterization and testing of heterogeneous catalysts for reforming, oxidation, hydrotreating, dehydration and hydrogenolysis processes of both fossil (oil fractions, NG) or renewable (biomass) resources.

Since 2014, he has participated in multiple projects in the fields of biorefinery or separation processes. Moreover, he has performed two different internships within his PhD studies in the “Energy Research Centre of the Netherlands – ECN” where he worked in membrane separation processes. After getting the PhD he got a Postdoc position in the University of Leoben (Austria) where we has worked for 15 months in the biomass upgrading field. Since October 2012 Ion Agirre-Arisketa is an Associate Professor in the Engineering Faculty of Bilbao (University of the Basque Country) where he combines his teaching activities and his work as a researcher. All this work has been presented in multiple international conferences as well as international JRC journals.


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