Christian Masquelier


Christian Masquelier


Amiens - France

Main Research Activities

My research activities, since 1988, focus on the crystal chemistry of Li+, Ag+ or Na+-containing solid state electrolyte ceramics and on Li+/ Na+ intercalation compounds to be used as positive electrodes in rechargeable batteries.

We try to address complex phenomena and properties of ionic conduction, non-stoichiometry, phase transitions, electrochemical insertion/extraction within several structural families of materials, oxides, phosphates, silicates, borates, ..., of transition metal elements. Numerous crystal structure determination studies are conducted by means of X-Ray and Neutron diffraction, on polycristalline powders and single crystals, so as to correlate these crystal structures with the observed properties. Please have a glance at this paper to get a flavour of what we love to do !! Chem Rev

This research has been conducted mainly within four laboratories (ICMMO Orsay, AIST Osaka, UT Austin, LRCS Amiens) together with many PhD students, Post-docs and colleagues from all over the world, greatfully acknowledged here.

Academic Training

  • 1988 : DEA (MSc) in Materials Science, Univ. Paris 6, France
  • 1991 : PhD in Chemistry, Univ. Paris-XI Orsay, France
  • 2000 : Habilitation à Diriger des Recherches, Univ. Paris XI Orsay, France


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