Appeal procedure

This appeal procedure can come into play if a candidate feels that the i-MESC Consortium has not handled her/his own application in line with the scholarship application and selection process as described on their website and as presented to the Agency. In other words, the appeal cannot concern the decision itself      (usually negative) but only an alleged error made in the process that has resulted in the contested decision.

If an applicant believes that she/he has grounds for contesting the admission result, she/he needs to:

  • Submit the appeal in writing, by email, within 7 working days following the result notification. The applicant shall expose the reasons for the appeal and all the relevant elements to support it;
  • Add in attachment to the email any relevant supporting documentation;
  • Send the appeal to the i-MESC Coordinating Team: Professor Alejandro Franco (alejandro.franco[at], Mrs. Jamila Tamimy (jamila.tamimy[at] and Mrs. Julie Bodelu (julie.bodelu[at]

Please take into consideration the dates of the appeal procedure listed in the page "apply as a student"

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